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Business Development Manager

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London | Yesterday


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    Business Development Manager

    London | Boden Group

    Job Details
    Category: Real Estate & Property
    Posted Yesterday

    Job Title
    Business Development Manager - Facilities Services
    Reporting To
    Business Development Director

    Purpose Statement
    The successful candidate will be expected to develop and bid manage tangible business opportunities within target market sectors identified by Senior Management. Whilst the role is primarily for the London area there will be a requirement to look at National opportunities also. The role requires regular formal reporting to Management and attendance at management meetings as required. The hybrid working split will be 3 days in the Greenford office.

    Key Accountabilities
    Gather and analyse market and competitor information.
    Actively explore opportunities in various sectors and provide feedback to management.
    Cultivate a strong and relevant professional network.
    Contribute to business development planning and customer targeting.
    Pursue new business opportunities and arrange customer meetings.
    Generate regular activity reports, including new leads and market analysis.
    Manage and follow through on sales leads to secure successful contract awards.
    Foster and maintain client relationships.
    Assist in organising client events and presentations.
    Promote marketing strategies to potential and existing clients.
    Contribute to the development of marketing materials.
    Communicate new service offerings to prospective clients.
    Estimate and manage opportunities, including bid management.
    Collaborate with management and operations teams to understand client requirements.
    Prepare cost estimates and proposals for management review.
    Explore potential business opportunities in related market sectors.
    Ensure a smooth transition from sales to operations after successful bids.
    Conduct detailed reviews of unsuccessful bids and client decisions to award elsewhere.
    Schedule follow-up opportunities for lost bids.

    Technical Skills/Knowledge
    Analysing market data and trends.
    Start-to-finish bid management.
    In-depth knowledge of relevant sectors and competitors.
    Strong understanding of financial and project performance analysis.
    Expertise in estimating tenders.
    Identifying and engaging members of the client decision-making team.
    Aligning the brand in communications.
    Proficiency in the MS Office Suite and PowerPoint.
    Awareness of environmental issues.
    Efficient prioritisation of workloads.
    Confidently delivering presentations.
    A comprehensive understanding of specific market sectors.
    A robust commercial awareness.
    A qualification in sales/marketing (desirable).
    A background in Technical/Hard FM.

    Qualifications/Person Specification
    Innovative and creative - Adapts to changing business conditions with creative solutions.
    Proactive and dedicated - Anticipates opportunities and challenges, benefiting clients in the long term.
    Customer-focused - Understands client needs and plans accordingly with estimating resources.
    Collaborative and team-oriented - A team player who works well with others.
    Results-focused (including quality) - Maintains a positive approach to achieving goals aligned with business needs.
    Analytical thinking and decision-making - Prioritises data and workload, with flexibility in goal attainment.
    Regularly assesses progress against targets, learning from successes and failures.
    Excellent presentation and communication skills at all levels.
    Technical/Hard FM background.

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