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Recruitment Specialist

KAP Technical Limited

Northamptonshire | 23 day ago

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    Recruitment Specialist

    Northamptonshire | KAP Technical Limited

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    Category: HR / Recruitment
    Posted 23 days ago

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    KAP Recruitment

    Our growth plans are centred around relationships with our clients, candidates, and, more importantly, our employees. We believe the key to increasing performance is through empowerment of individuals and helping them to achieve their career goals. Therefore, we place an extremely high importance on recruiting right in the first instance, we believe this gives us the freedom to spend the rest of our time together teaching, coaching, or mentoring all staff at all levels, helping them set, work towards, and achieve their own objectives, and ultimately allowing them to develop and innovate freely.

    Divisional Managers:
    If you are a consistent high performing manager experienced in building teams and with an excellent reputation in your sector, then it s likely that at some point you have thought about starting out on your own. Maybe you have considered running your own business but potentially lacked the support, confidence, or knowledge? Whether it is heading up your own division at KAP we have several options whereby this can become a reality and would love to hear from you.

    Experienced Recruiter:
    Do you have 2-4 years experience in recruitment and have a track record six-figure billing history? With a focus on a particular sector? We would be keen to hear from you to discuss how we can help move you to that next elite level, and possibly create a growth plan to partner level

    Entry Level/Graduate:
    Are you a graduate, or simply have a first-class attitude and high aspirations? Despite lacking in experience, if you can demonstrate you have the relentless and positive mind-set and work rate to succeed, then KAP Recruitment is the company to nurture that talent

    How far would you go to realise your ambitions and career goals? Start challenging yourself today by getting in touch

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