Follow These 7 Tips To Create A Resume That Gets The Attention

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October 09, 2022

Follow these 7 tips to create a resume that gets the attention
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Writing a resume can be overwhelming, especially if you’re writing one for the first time. Due to a lack of resume writing knowledge, people often put unnecessary info on their resume. This may cause them to lose the job , which they could easily get if they tips to create a resume that gains the interviewers attention. To prevent that from happening to you, we have created this guide about writing a compelling resume.

7 tips to create a resume

Use simple language

HR professionals aren’t technical people, and they might have no or minimal technical knowledge about the job you’re applying for; that’s why it is crucial to create an easy to read resume. Avoid jargon and complex words, and only use technical terms when absolutely necessary. You want to create a resume that’s easy to read, so the reader can easily understand it.

Add Relevant Info

If you have graduated recently, you might not have a lot of relevant experience, which is fine. You can add extra-curricular activities, internships, or volunteer work to show your social, communication, and leadership skills. To create a resume that’s effective, keep in mind that the information you should be relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Personalize Your Resume

Not only should your resume be customized according to the job you’re applying for, but it should also be personalized to show your personality. Make sure that when you create a resume, youhighlight your personality through it; you can achieve that by writing a summary or use an online template of your choice to show your taste. 

Keep it Short and Concise

Many people believe that the more details they cram into their resume, the more impressive it will look. But that’s the wrong perception; your resume is one of those situations where quality is far more important than quantity. According to time, recruiters only spend six seconds to review a single resume; that’s why it’s important to keep the information short and concise.

Answer the “WHY”

When you create a resume, it should be designed to answer a simple question, why are you the right person for the job? So as mentioned earlier, provide relevant info, keep it short and concise, and write an intriguing summary at the top of your resume. This way, your resume will become compelling enough to make the recruiters call you for an interview.

Leverage Technology

Demonstrate your tech skills by leveraging technology; for starters, save your resume in pdf file format. Add hyperlinks on your resume that can take the reviewer to a relevant page consisting of your information. This way, you can keep an optimal word count on your resume, and if the reviewer wants, they can click on the link to get additional information. You can also create an online portfolio with all your relevant info; you can write a blog or create a dedicated website about your skills and achievements. If you want, you can create a portfolio with relevant doc files and store it on a cloud-based storage service with a read-only link embedded in your resume.

Highlight Achievements

Highlight your achievements in a more specific way, keep away from making vague statements on your resumes, such as result-driven or good communication skills. Be more specific; let the recruiter know how you got those good communication skills or, better yet, tell them about a scenario where you applied those skills. Such as, spent a year teaching English with the focus on social and conversational skills to underprivileged kids at a high school in Madagascar.


You can find several guides on how to create a resume on the internet, and most of them would list almost the same things. What they won’t tell you is that writing a resume is an art, and art is subjective, it depends on the taste of the person reviewing your resume, i.e., the recruiter. But by following the basics mentioned above, you can make sure that you did everything right.

Good luck!

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